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RE: File Upload not working
~Ned Cistooskioni 14.Jan.04 06:41 PM a Web browser
Domino Designer All Releases Windows 2000

My new development was mostly complying with new IBM internet standards for websites. Which turned out to be a problem because their new masthead contains a search form which conflicts with the Domino form itself. I applied a workaround by adding some hidden code to close their form and open mine as follow:
<tr><td colspan="2">
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>
</form><form method=post action="<computedvalue>NewUserReg?CreateDocument" name="_NewUserReg" onsubmit="return checkdata()">
</td><td valign="top"></td></tr></table>
where the computed value contains the following formula:
path := "/" + @WebDbName;

The submit button was a regular Domino button:
<p><font size=-1 face="Arial"><input type="button" name="SubmitRequest" value="SubmitRequest" onClick="checkdata()"></font>

and is now passthru html:
<p><input type="image" src="//" name="Submit" value="Submit" alt="Submit" border="0"/></p>
<!-- Submit and checkdata() is handled by the workaround form tag so there is no need for onclick=checkdata() on the submit image -->

The input field validation was done in Javascript and still is. The only difference are:
1) I Had to refer to my form as 2 instead of 0:
var doc = document.forms[2];
2) I commented out the following lines:
// doc.submit();
// return true;

Would any of the above affect a file upload?

I read the Domino Designer help and it said that when attachments are not being saved in the document, it is because there is no temporary directory on the server. But the CDT help desk assures me that their server has been up for months and nobody else has complained. So you are probably right. There is something I am doing that must be causing a problem. I tried to force an extract and reattach of the file but the result is the same. It totally ignores the attachment.

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